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Christmas Bake Out

Learn to bake for your loved ones this festive holidays!

Kids Love to Bake

Baking is an enriching lesson - kids learn about measurement, follow instructions and improve their motor skills. Let your kids have fun at our baking classes, they get to bake gingerbread man, cupcakes and many more...

Baking Workshops - Basic & Advanced Levels

This workshop is designed to offer an introduction to the range of baking courses to enhance the interest, knowledge and bonding of the participants.

Basic | Advanced

Anthrolab™ 3D Printing Fast-Track

The course is a fast track to be exposed to 3D printing and learn its application in product design. Participants will learn and apply the process from idea creation to realization of the prototype.

Anthrolab™ Interactive Art For Preschoolers

Interactive art is a form of art that involves the participant in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. This interactive art installations achieve this by letting the participant to become part of the artwork using light, touch and sound interaction.